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New Research on Vaping

There is a new article out in the NYT about research on vaping.

Vaping Can Be Addictive and May Lure Teenagers to Smoking, Science Panel Concludes

Some of the main points include:

  • Vaping with e-cigarettes that contain nicotine CAN be addictive and that teenagers who use the devices MAY be put at higher risk of switching to traditional smoking.
  • They saw a correlation that youth who smoked e-cigarettes were more likely to try a traditional cigarette at some point, but there is no evidence to suggest whether this traditional cigarette was a one-time occurrence or a habit.
  • My main take away here that I think could resonate with students is that nicotine is addictive no matter what form it comes in, traditional or e-cigs, and that e-cigs do contain nicotine.
  • Of note, they also did show evidence that e-cigarettes are more safe than traditional cigarettes for long term smokers, but did not have research on long term evidence of smoking e-cigarettes. It is important to know all points of the argument and give the youth accurate information.

Also of note:

Currently, FDA regulates what goes into all tobacco products (as of 2016), including e-cigs. READ MORE

As of July 2017- FDA wants to regulate level of nicotine in tobacco products but this is not final yet. READ MORE