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Encouraging Young Readers

According to the Attitudes and Behavior survey, only 19% of youth in our region read for pleasure. The Search Institute has identified reading “just for fun” as a protective asset in youth, helping them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Reading also promotes greater vocabulary knowledge and encourages youth to put themselves into the shoes of others, helping them understand different points of view.

Reading stories with your children can also be a great way to promote family communication and show your children that you care. This article provides ideas on how to inspire a love of reading in youth. Read this creative article to discover new ideas such as having your child read to a pet or stuffed animal. The article also mentions ways to “bring stories to life” by acting out scenes from a child’s favorite book together. Instilling a love for reading in your child will not only help them to live a more compassionate life but will also become an activity that the two of you can pursue together.