Georgetown Call to Action Meeting: Recap and Video

Georgetown residents gathered at the end of April to hear the results of the Attitudes and Behavior survey, a tool measuring the 40 Developmental Assets and protective factors for youth. Twenty five adults were in attendance representing  local government leaders, school administration, school committee, parents, local businesses, community organizations, law enforcement, coaches and the library.  Youth presented data and facilitated reflections with the group.  Discussions included assets that were high in the region such as positive sense of identify, family support and youth programs, and assets that had gender differences, such as safety, school achievement and self-esteem. One of the program ideas that arose was finding ways to provide youth a space where they could hang out or run programs.  Next steps will be to convene a group of interested community members who want to take a deeper dive into the data and identify specific areas where we could further support or improve.   If you would like to learn more or become involved in this process, please email Tina Los (tlos@ecabnetwork.org) or call at 978-992-1671.

To see the video of the presentation click HERE