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The Importance of Setting Family Boundaries

57% of youth in our region feel as though their families have set clear rules and consequences for their behavior. This means that 57% of young people in our area possess this important Developmental Asset®, which will help them to lead regulated and successful lives. Research consistently shows that young people are more likely to exhibit positive behaviors and attitudes and less likely to become involved in high risk behaviors if their parents establish clear boundaries. Creating boundaries also includes parents knowing their child’s whereabouts. This article will help you to set limits in your home in a positive way that promotes the development of your child.

Here are some ideas on how to create fair boundaries within your home, neighborhood and community:

In your home and family: Meet monthly as a family to discuss boundaries: Are they fair? Do they still work? Do they reflect your values and principles? Adjust them as needed.

In your neighborhood and community: Communicate with your neighbors about the rules and boundaries in your family. Ask for their support. For example, neighbors can remind children to ask a parent’s permission before accepting sweets.

In your school or youth program: Divide students or participants into groups. Have each group discuss family boundaries and consequences. Identify the reason for each rule.