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NBPT Teen Trips Interview

The Teen Office at Newburyport Youth Services serves as a powerhouse for asset building by providing quality teen programming in the greater Newburyport area. Teen Trip staff work hard to empower the youth in their programs while also forming lasting friendships. Teen Trips are open to young people entering grades 7 through 12. The Rec Center is open three nights a week from 6-10pm for teenagers entering grades 7 to 10. A summer pass to the Rec Center costs $25, which is an amazing deal for 3 nights a week of fun activities, making new friends and pizza!

A couple examples of the Teen Trips we offer:

  • Boda Borg
  • Surfing
  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Arcadia National Park and much more!

Teen trips and the Rec Center empower, challenge and support youth in a variety of ways. Read on to learn more about our awesome staff member, Laura Johnson and her experiences with NBPT Teen Trips:

What’s your favorite teen trip?

“Saco River Tubing and Arcadia are my favorite trips. Lee loves the Six Flags teen trip.”

What’s your favorite part of running these trips?

“A lot of these kids have not had these experiences before so it’s so rewarding to see everyone broadening their horizons, including staff! Personally, I’d never been to New York or Montreal so it was awesome to be able to visit these places for the first time. Being able to share experiences with the teens in our programs makes the experiences even more worthwhile.”

How do you empower youth?

“We try to give teens choices about the activities that we do and our schedules on trips. Especially on the overnights we give them choices about what we’ll eat and the activities we’ll do. Giving them that independence to make choices I think makes them more confident. I also love watching the kids interact with each other. Often kids are thrown into trips with kids they don’t normally interact with but by the end of the trip they’re all really close.”

How do you challenge youth?

“We challenge youth by providing them with new experiences. Some of our trips are physically and mentally challenging, like White Water Rafting so communication is key and we have to work together as a team.  Our trips also build communication skills in youth. If a child is having an issue, they have to communicate with staff and with their peers directly in order to resolve the issue. This builds not only communication skills but also social skills.”

How do you support youth?

“The more kids come to our programs, the closer we get with them. I’ve gotten very close with a number of kids who frequent our programs.”