Georgetown to Build Youth Rec Center

This summer over 40 youth from Georgetown grades 6-12 were given the opportunity to come together and brainstorm ideas for what they would like in a Rec Center.  The town is in the planning stages of making a Rec Center a reality, and from the beginning they wanted youth to be involved and have a voice in the process.  The need for a Rec Center began with discussions around the Attitudes and Behaviors survey and the realization that there were not many spaces in Georgetown where  youth could go to hang out.  Read the post below from Superintendent, Carol Jacob’s blog inviting teens to participate in the focus group.  There were a lot of great ideas that came out of the focus group and a lot of consensus around the types of activities and supports youth would like to see.  Discussions are ongoing among town leaders regarding next steps.

Plans to Launch Rec Center for MHS Students Needs Student Voice