Amesbury Launches PACT

Amesbury has launched PACT, Partnership for Amesbury Community and Teens, a group of youth and adults working together to find ways to help Amesbury youth succeed. Represented organizations include schools, recreation, law enforcement, religious organizations, social work groups, businesses, media, local government, non-profit and volunteer organizations, parents and youth. All of these agencies were already working to help build supports for youth, and were aware of each other, but were not officially collaborating together. Having people around the table who come from different perspectives and backgrounds can help to minimize duplication of efforts and allows the group to be creative about how to solve problems many of us might be facing. Some common barriers to helping youth like a lack of funding and resources can be solved by working together.

The first project PACT is tackling is aimed at connecting youth with the business community. Youth expressed that while they are interested in finding summer jobs, they didn’t know where to look, were uneasy about approaching random organizations and often couldn’t get to the businesses during regular hours. Businesses also expressed a concern about finding summer help. They don’t know where the young people were or how to connect with them. These needs led PACT to work on its first event, Seize Your Summer. This career fair type event is designed to help youth and local organizations connect. During school, students from all grades will have the chance to talk with local businesses who will have tables set up in the cafeteria. Businesses can offer jobs, internships or volunteer hours or can help youth expand their understanding of local job opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about PACT please join us. We meet every third Wednesday at Amesbury High School from 11:30- 1PM. Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 24. If you cannot make the meeting but want to hear more or get on our mailing list contact Tina Los, tlos@ecabnetwork.com.