Project Warm

This past winter students at Salisbury and Newbury Elementary worked to create blankets that would be donated to the Pettengill House. Newbury parent, Michelle Walsh and Julie Romano, Triton Community Resource Liaison, collaborated with ECAB for a mini-grant for her idea for a community service project.  The elementary students crafted fleece blankets to be distributed to individuals and families at Pettengill House in times of crisis. Thirty Salisbury elementary students grades 3-6 signed up to take part in this after school project.  It was a huge success and a great time was had by all. This project helps build assets for youth because they are able to learn a practical skill, give back to others, work collaboratively with their peers and feel that they can make a positive impact on their community. The plan is to continue this service project throughout the district, making 10 blankets in each of the schools including the middle and high school.  Moving forward the group will be soliciting donations for materials.